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Learn to swim
the fun way

Unique small group swimming lessons for two year olds and above

Our Method

Following his own learning experiences Aqua Rangers founder Ashley Power devised a new fun method of teaching swimming lessons. Involving clear, fun instructions and a balance between fun and reward his technique has achieved remarkable success amongst children and adults of all ages and abilities.


If you or your child are nervous around water, lack confidence or have learning difficulties Aqua Rangers will give you swim confidence that will endure for the rest of your life.

Our unique swimming programs run throughout the year during term times with lessons for babies, children and adults

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What Our Customers Say


Lamees has made steady progress from the time she started and what’s most important to me is learning the correct technique which I can see the instructors are focused on rather than rushing to the next stroke.


The instructors have been great at instilling a lot of confidence in Lamees which has really increased from the time we first started with Aqua Rangers.


The Thames Club is clean, and it’s not busy or loud at the time of the swimming lessons which means Lamees can focus and concentrate instead of being distracted.

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